Five Things You Never Knew About Playing Cards

Playing cards have been providing entertainment for over a thousand years but turns out there’s more to a deck than 52 pieces of paper. So today we bring you five things you never knew about playing cards:

1. The United States Playing Card Company is the world’s largest producer of playing cards, selling more than 100 million decks per year!
2. The world record for the Largest Playing Card Structure ever created was a replica of three casinos in Macao, China and completed in 2010. It consisted of 218,792 cards, measured 34 ft 1.05 in long, 9 ft 5.39 in tall and 11 ft 7.37 in wide. It took American architect Bryan Berg 44 days to complete.
3. Math proves a deck should be shuffled at least 7 times to ensure it’s properly mixed.
4. Fancy a card game? More people play poker than golf, billiards or tennis- 60 million in the United States and more than 100 million worldwide.
5. The King of Hearts is also called the “Suicide King”. He looks as if he’s stabbing a sword in his head, rightfully earning the nickname.

And what’s better than a normal deck of playing cards? Gold plated cards! That’s a full deck of 24 Carat 99.9% gold… Yep, poker night just got kicked up a notch.

Let us know: What game unleashes your inner cardshark?