Did You Know? -Amazing Uses For Toothpaste

We love finding different uses for the most ordinary household items. This time it’s TOOTHPASTE! Yes! We are going to share some unusual tips and tricks for this ordinary household item that you can use to clean things around the house and make other things shine! So…now that we’ve gotten your curiosity up, let’s get started!

Removes Scuff Marks
Can you believe that just a dab of toothpaste can remove scuff marks from your favorite pair of leather shoes? It’s simply amazing! Just dab a little on the scuff marks, rub the area with a soft cloth, and then wipe clean with a damp cloth. You will make them look like new!

Cleans Piano Keys
Are the keys on your old piano looking yellow and dingy? Make them look brighter by cleaning them up with some toothpaste on a soft toothbrush, then after a little scrubbing, wipe them down with a damp cloth. This only makes perfect sense, since the little ivories are essentially elephants teeth. This trick also works well on modern pianos even though their keys are covered with plastic rather than the real stuff!

Cleans tennis shoes…the rubber part
Try a little of the non-gel variety on one of your old toothbrushes to clean and whiten the rubber sides of your tennis shoes! After scrubbing them, take a damp cloth to clean it off and they’ll look almost new!

Clean “Gunk” Off Your Iron
Non-gel toothpastes contain a mild abrasive, which is just what you need to scrub the “gunk” off the plate of your iron. Apply it to your iron while its cool and scrub with a rag, then rinse well.

Make Your Diamond Ring Shine
Next time your brushing your teeth, take your toothbrush and run it over your diamond ring to make it sparkle! Clean off any residue with a damp cloth.


Clean Your Watch Band
A little toothpaste on an old toothbrush will allow you to scrub all of the dirt away from your watch band. Rinse carefully so the watch don’t get water in it. Polish with a soft cloth.

Baby Bottle Deodorizer
Are your baby’s bottles starting to smell like sour milk? Toothpaste works well to remove this odor! Just put a little bit on the bottle brush and start scrubbing. Be sure to rinse the bottle out well.

Goggles Defogger
Wearing fogged-up goggles is not only frustrating but can be dangerous as well. To prevent this, coat the goggles with toothpaste and wipe off.

Mirror Defogger
Ouch! No wonder you cut yourself shaving…a fogged-up bathroom mirror certainly prevents you from seeing your face clearly. Next time (before you shave and cut yourself) spread a little non-gel toothpaste onto the mirror and wipe it off before stepping into the shower. When you’re done with your shower and ready to shave, the mirror won’t be fogged up!

Shines Chrome
You can find many commercial cleaners containing a very fine abrasive that are designed to make your chrome shine, but if you don’t happen to have one of these cleaners handy, try a little non-gel toothpaste instead (which also contains a mild abrasive) It will work just as good. Smear it on and polish the chrome piece with a soft, dry cloth.

Cleans Your Bathroom Sink, Destroys Odors From Drain
Non-gel toothpastes work just as good as any other bathroom cleaner when it comes to cleaning out your sink. How handy can you get, it’s sitting right there at your fingertips so why not use it? OR…if your family is like mine, they drop gobs of it in the sink while brushing their teeth so just take a sponge or cloth and make good use of their waste! Rinse it out and see it shine! An additional bonus even! This will also destroy any odors coming from down inside the drain.

Cleans Crayon Marks Off Walls
Did those crayon-toting angels of yours get creative and draw some fancy artwork on your wall? Don’t worry. Just grab a tube, a rag or scrub brush, and dab a little on the wall and start scrubbing. The fine abrasive in the toothpaste will take away the crayon marks every time. Rinse the wall with water.

Hang Posters on the wall Just put a litttle dab in each corner of the poster and a few in between on the edges. Put your poster up and it will stick like magic. When you get ready to remove it will come off easy with no holes.

Fill in holes in the wall
Ugly nail holes showing? Just a little white toothpaste will fill in the hole instantly. Let it dry and you can paint over it.

Get All The Toothpaste That You Paid For
When the tube is almost empty place in warm water for a few minutes while you shower. Lay it on the couter or on the edge of the sink, using your toothbrush handle push the warm toothpaste to the top of the tube.

Air Freshener For Your Car
Squeeze a small amount of toohpaste onto a the center of a paper towel. Roll or fold the towel up. Place under the seat. When the car is left in the warm sunshine it will heat up and the toothpaste will release a nice soft mint smell into your car. Replace as needed.

Make your own toothpaste for making your teeth whiter
This is so easy and will save you money. Mix Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide blend into a paste. Add a few drops of peppermint or spearmint extract to flavor to your desired taste. It will make your teeth sparkle and will help whiting them at the same time.

Now that you’ve probably gone through a couple of tubes like us, we’ll see you in the toothpaste aisle!

19 thoughts on “Did You Know? -Amazing Uses For Toothpaste


  2. It also cures toenail fungus! Fast! Get a cheap electric toothbrush say Walmart for about 8 bucks.; I did. Brush the toenail morning and night with the toothpaste and something like apple cider vinegar. It will be gone in days. 5 days for me. It also removes the black stuff too and restores the nail to its normal look. It wont remove the old hard fungus. It will eventually fall off. The fungus growth will be stopped and the pain wont increase.
    Have a nice day

  3. You for go one that really works .. Kids living away from home for the first time need something to fill the holes in the ceiling tiles and the walls from kids throwing darts of just making holes.. use a white toothpaste and fill the holes let dry and lightly sand smooth if walls are white leave it an if they need painted get the right color and go for it.. ex student away from home…:)

  4. Have used ‘non-gel’ but the totally white toothpaste to clean my Native American Silver/turquoise jewelry. I dampen a white cloth and apply paste to it.. then I can polish away on the silver and turquoise/jet/coral etc. All I then need to do is wipe down with damp cloth. In very stubborn or very decorative silver (gold, brass, etc) I use a very very soft brush. And I have used the totally white paste for filling in holes in wall left by nails or wall being punched in .. “saves face’ and cleaning fees when apartment/condo/home is returned to owner! have used it on the ”shoe liners” when washing the liners out.. removes lingering odors. And as with jewelry, have used white paste to clean my watch bands…

  5. Not only will toothpaste clean your watchband, if you ever scratch the crystal of your watch, or scuff paint onto it, toothpaste can remove that as well. Use a cloth buffer on a Dremel, or lots of elbow grease with a rag.

  6. Using gel type toothpaste on your computer games, sofware, cds and dvds will remove scratches. Remember, not paste, ONLY GEL TYPE! I depend on it whenever I cannot get a disc to play!

  7. Also good for pimples…the plain white toothpaste…a little dab will do….Yes, filling holes in walls it is great for…didn’t know about the baby bottle odor preventer…will share this with my daughter..Thanks for sharing.

  8. great tios, but expensive to use the stuff.. I guess if I am stuck and for some reason all I have is a tube of paste…i’d try it. Otherwise all these things they state can be cleaned, performed by dozens of other cleaners u already have for much less.

  9. This is amazing!!! I knew about a couple of these uses but this is a goldmine! Thank you so much for sharing!

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